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So you are looking for a wife from Western Europe. Why Russian ladies? Many men are very unhappy with their local women. This is particularly true for the USA, Canada, Australia, The UK and New Zealand. It's not that they want some meek submissive little thing they can lead around by the nose. What they want is a woman who will be a more "traditional" kind of wife, who is probably more oriented toward being a wife than being a career woman. Many middle-aged men want a foreign Christian single significantly younger than themselves. Increasingly though, as the effects of feminism in the Western world have become more and more perverse, younger and younger men are seeking a foreign affair.

The truth is average Russian ladies, while they are anything but submissive, are usually also not forceful or domineering. The women are generally highly supportive of their husbands. Most men seeking such a wife really want someone who isn't the extreme opposite to a meek Henny-Penny either. Unfortunately, too many of today's American and other Western women are, and these men have simply given up on them.

Most men who seek a mail order bride are just ordinary guys. In the 1990s, the majority of the men seeking Russian brides were generally middle aged divorced men in their forties and fifties. After a number of years dating American women they were not able to find the kind of woman they wanted. For the most part these men want a woman significantly younger than themselves (between 10 and 20 years), who is physically attractive, charming, gentle, sweet, feminine and whose primary career goal is to become his wife, as opposed to pursuing some professional career and, in addition, being a wife. These are qualities typical of Russian ladies.

Today we see younger and younger men seeking first penpals, and then wives in this way. Many never-married men in their twenties and thirties are now turning to the foreign Christian singles market and the age trend is moving downward. These younger men are looking for the same basic kind of woman as the older men, with the exception that they seek wives closer to their own age.

Russian and Ukraine women are beautiful, honest, and strong. They are the best women in the whole universe and other galaxies too. They are the best friends, best penpals, best wives, and what not. Russian ladies are famous for their promiscuity as much as Russian men for their drinking problems. It might be considered as an asset if you are looking for some easy fun but if you have serious intentions and strong family values be careful! Russian ladies, and for the most part, Russian culture is a lot more family oriented than American culture.

Our website offers various dating tips for single travel to Russia and the Ukraine. You do not want to meet your lady, the first time, in her own hometown! Make that journey after you have decided you have found the perfect girl, and it is time to meet the family. You don't have to be a Spartan to win a lady's heart.
Not that Eastern Europe isn't a beautiful place to is. However, it isn't as easy as catching a flight to Denver. Some countries require a "Letter of Invitation", from the woman, on Official Government Letterhead before you can apply for a Visa. For more details have a look at Dating tips, A foreign affair, Single travel sections.

We also provide dating tips for those using online dating services. Many dating services and marriage agencies encourage you to upload a photo into the personal ad. This is good for their business but it is also essential for you. The vast majority of searchers will exclude adverts without a photograph from the search so you may never even be seen without one. How to make up good personal ads? Which marriage agencies to use? See more advice in the section Dating service.

For those who have already found their soul mate we have created special sections - Marriage proposals. The moment of popping the big question will be very memorable to most and should be done with great skill. However, the time that many men tend to forget to make romantic and memorable is the period of time before the marriage proposal. This is a time that you can take full advantage of, and you should make your fiance feel very special.

We hope our advice will be helpful and will make your search of a Russian bride more efficient and pleasant!

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Russian brides

There are some stereotypes concerning beautiful Russian brides, created by beauty contests. Everybody knows that a Russian bride should be blond-haired with a small nose and blue or green eyes. She needs just the love of her husband and she is ready to do anything he wants. However, it is not always so. There are many interesting, beautiful and intelligent Russian brides represented in the web who are all different in their appearance, age and outlook. They can become not only good wives, but also your best friends and challenging life partners. You can meet them and choose the one you like most during a Russian brides tour organized by one of the agencies. Read the articles to learn more about Russian brides and about the reasons they do not want to marry Russian men.

Russian ladies

People say that Russian ladies are the most beautiful in the world. But not all of them are happy in their private lives; too many single Russian ladies are seeking men to share their lives with them. Now you have a unique possibility to get acquainted with them and even marry them. There are a lot of web sites where you can find hundreds of Russian ladies photos, you can choose any lady to communicate and establish long distance relationships with. Read on to find out the differences between Russian and Western ladies, some key facts about the careers, morals and values of Russian ladies, their attitudes on many things, how they feel about living abroad and even more!

Ukraine women

After the fall of the USSR thousands of women from the former Soviet republics got the possibility to communicate with people from other countries of the world. No wonder that many single Ukraine women want to find a husband from the USA or another country. There are lots of sexy Ukraine women photos and personal ads, you can choose any lady you like. Single Ukraine women will be glad to exchange letters with you, to speak to you over the phone and meet you in Russia or Ukraine. Visiting one of the single Ukraine women you will get a real pleasure from communicating with your new friends and from learning about many interesting Ukrainian customs and traditions. Although many Ukrainian people are very poor, they will always make you feel welcome. Ukraine wives are famous for the great atmosphere they create at home, for the food they cook and for the care they take about their guests and families.

Christian singles

More than 60% of Americans say they believe in God and pray every day. They prefer to communicate with people who have similar points of view. Christian religion emphasizes that a man and a woman have to find each other in order to get married, because marriage is the symbol of world order. Meanwhile, fidelity and humbleness are some of the main values in a Christian marriage. In the web you can meet Christian singles to become penfriends with them, for dating, romance, perhaps even marriage. Christian singles network includes marriage-minded men and women with whom you can chat and exchange letters. The articles on this page tell you more about the Christian outlook on the problem of marriage, the roles of man and woman in a family and so on.

Marriage proposals

Have you ever made romantic marriage proposals to women? Maybe some of your friends have asked their wives to marry them in an original way? Don't you know that sometimes the way you make a proposal to your beloved is the first step to a long-term happy marriage? The majority of men does not pay attention to this side of the relationship and forgets that romantic and creative marriage proposals can make women happier than even a ring with a 50-karat diamond. Think it over and be more original. Our web site can offer you some variants of making the best marriage proposals to a woman. One day you will find a partner, with whom you would be able to use any marriage proposals ideas that you can come up with.

Dating service

Some people feel difficulties in communicating with others, they are confused, they do not know what to say in this or that situation. That is why most of their time they are alone and still want to meet someone with similar interests and hobbies. To help you overcome this barrier, you may use some single dating service, for example, there is a variety of Internet dating services where you can fill a form and look through the ads of other people. Using the help of an online dating service is the best way to find friends and partners. On this page describing the Russian dating services you can get lots of information about the process of meeting people, communicating with them and even traveling to the country of your partner's origin. Alternatively, you may be an immigrant looking for a partner of the same nationality in your country of residence - with many services, you can achieve this as well.

Marriage agencies

Are you a lonely man who spends all the time earning money and developing the business? Are you tired of your boring life and you want to have a real family? There are many ways to change the situation: you can try to meet a woman in the street or in a restaurant, but the statistics says this way of communicating is not very effective. Today the best variant to find a woman is to use the help of a marriage agency. It is not necessary to seek an international marriage agency; a Russian or Ukraine marriage agency can help you get acquainted with many different women, can provide you any information concerning the process of meeting and communicating. The professional interpreters of a good Russian marriage agency would help you to talk to the lady you like and to translate your e-mails from English into Russian and vice versa if the lady does not know English. Find a serious marriage agency and you will meet the woman you have always waited for!

Mail order bride

Some years ago the term "mail order bride" was used to describe overseas women who meet American men via letter writing, or penpal services, and later marry these men and come to the USA as brides. The phenomenon when men and women meet and marry in this way is not unique to the United States. Today, men from every country can find wives in the same manner. Even Japanese men use such services. The term "mail order bride" has caught on and is now widely used in many parts of the world.
On this portal you can get extensive information intended to help educate and inform men who are about to become involved into the process of getting acquainted with a "mail order bride". The women who want to become "Russian mail order brides" can also find out some helpful tips.

Dating tips

If you want to meet a partner, there are many ways to do it: you can go to a nightclub, for instance, and offer a glass of wine to a nice girl or use the special online sites where you can chat with somebody. You should remember that the way you behave on your first date or the way you write your message or letter will mean a lot for forming your relationship with the young lady. Psychologists advise to use some dating tips to ease the process of communication. For instance, they say that a man should be natural and original in his letters; if he has a sense of humor, it is better not to mention it, but to show it in his style of writing. Men can use any online dating tips they like to impress their beloved as well; it depends only on their imagination. There are some tips for dating a woman in the articles on our site.

Personal ads

One day the time comes and you feel that you have reached all the goals you wanted to achieve except for finding a partner with whom you can share your life. But do not despair, there are some possibilities to improve the situation. Visit the personals ads web sites and post your dating personal ads there. If you add a photo to your profile, it will make the process of seeking a partner much easier and decrease the time that you will spend waiting until you finally meet the person you were looking for. Be attentive and careful while filling in your personal ad on a web site. If necessary, use the advice of psychologists, and in any case, read the articles on our site to make sure you know everything you need to know. Professionally made personal ads with photos are a guarantee that you will find your love.


If you are alone, have no friends, but you want to meet someone who shares your interests and points of view, this portal is for you. Or maybe you have a special club and want to get more information on the subject from other people; the best way to speed up the process is to find some online penpals on related web sites. There are many safe and fun email penpals and dating services for men and women of all ages around the world. Lots of people have made new friends through these services and there have been quite a few weddings. You can find international penpals from different countries of the world - read the articles to make sure you know how.

A foreign affair

Do you know that there are some countries where the number of women is bigger then number of men? That is why they seek partners abroad! So if you are not against a foreign affair of such kind, the multitude of foreign affair web sites is for you. You can find hundreds of photos of beautiful overseas ladies, send them letters and speak to them. Make your life more interesting; find a friend or even love. One day you would be able to tell your children about a long-term foreign affair dating, and remember: that was where your family began!

Single travel

Do you know that there is no need to have a partner to travel around the world? Single travel offers many travel alternatives for those people who are seeking a more romantic, adult-oriented experience. With the help of our website you can learn some new routes and travel resources. We offer some of the finest perspectives around, explore the world's most interesting places of interest and, of course, describe possibilities of finding new friends and life partners. A single travel club or a single travel tour is another alternative you have to make your time more interesting and worthwhile.