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It’s no news to anybody that divorced women are regarded differently in China. Many Asian cultures simply follow different dating standards, and unfortunately, the truth about modern Chinese girls is that they are held to a higher, less realistic standard than their male counterparts.

Such a double standard understandably gives China’s modern women issues with men from their own culture, but just like the popular Chinese app TikTok, depending on the person, this could either fall under the positives or negatives of China.

To the rational male American who’s living in China as a foreigner and entertaining the idea of raising his own Asian American family someday, this is great news! Some American men don't want to date modern women, either, for an assortment of reasons. Divorce is usually not one of the reasons men avoid dating a woman in the United States. After all, divorce rates in the USA are through the roof, its national news is basically a montage of celebrity divorces, and every American probably knows someone who knows someone who’s already had 2 divorces at 29.

So, if you’re a foreign man who’d put this whole phenomenon of divorced women under the positives of China, you may want to think about moving to China – and your dating game with you – at least until you find what you’ve been missing in your own country. And if you have approach anxiety and/or concerns about how you’ll fit in, don’t worry – that’s normal, especially if you’re going to be an American in China and its almost opposite culture. Chinese girls visiting America are often having the same apprehensions. You’ll also have our expert knowledge and assistance, such as on how to attract beautiful women in China and in identifying which of Shenzhen’s modern women dating for marriage are most compatible with you.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 24 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 30 July, 2024
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