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When it comes to dating foreign women, many are intimidated by the prospect of long-distance relationships. That’s because they are worried that not being in each others’ presence would make them lose their feelings for one another. While long-distance relationships have their fair share of risks, that doesn’t mean they would never work out. It just means that the couple has to be creative when it comes to staying connected.

People have similar trepidations when it comes to dating foreign women. But if you aren’t open to this option, then you’re definitely missing out. There are actually plenty of them that are specifically looking for foreign men to fall in love with.

Why should you be open to dating foreign women? Actually, there are advantages to international dating. Here are some of the benefits of finding a foreign girlfriend:

  • Excuse to travel
  • What better excuse to go on an international holiday than meeting the woman you are dating, and because you would be getting to know each other, you also have the perfect reason to lengthen your stay. Your date could also serve as your unofficial tour guide. She can show you the best places to eat, travel, and even drink. If all goes well, you might be taking multiple trips to help strengthen your relationship. All in all, you might have to travel more in order to meet and get to know your date.

  • Learning another culture
  • You might not be an anthropologist, but being exposed to a different culture can broaden your perspective, especially when it comes to relationships. Following a different dating culture encourages you to approach and even court your date in a new way.

More importantly, international dating allows you to broaden your dating pool. If you stick with the women in your community, there’s a risk you wouldn’t find anyone or you settle with someone you really don’t want. With help from matchmaking services like ours, your love life might have better chances if you pursue a foreign lady.

Dating Etiquette

It goes without saying that dating foreign women looking for love is different than dating western women. Not only do you have to deal with the language barrier; you also have to be mindful of the cultural differences. For starters, there are some countries that still practice courtship. Aside from getting to know the woman, you might also have to ask permission from her parents or family before you can take your relationship to the next level. You might even have to ask permission from your date herself whether you can take her out or not.

All in all, you should find out these dating practices in order for the date to go smoothly. Here are a few starting tips:

  • Be polite.
  • Being on your best behavior is more crucial when it comes to international dating. You wouldn’t want to travel all that way just to put your foot in your mouth. Before you get there, it helps to know what gestures, phrases, and mannerisms are considered taboo. You should also know what are culturally acceptable dating practices.

  • Take it slow.
  • Because your trip allows you a limited amount of time to get to know your date, you might be tempted to speed things up. Rushing into things might not be a good idea, especially when you are dating a fairly conservative woman. Do not be dismayed by the limited time you have together during your stay. After all, even after you leave, there are ways you can continue the relationship even when you are miles apart.

  • Step up your game.
  • Now that you’ve literally gone the distance for your date, make sure that every moment with her counts. Because there is a lot more at stake, that means you’ll have to put in the extra effort to impress her. That means dressing up the part, being more engaging, and even coming up with novel date ideas. As long as the woman is worth it, these efforts can go a long way in impressing your date.

  • Be clear with your intentions.
  • If your goal is to get married someday, make sure to convey that to your date. This helps you figure out whether you should stick with the woman you are dating or move on to someone else. If she doesn’t have the same goals as you, it’s better to find out earlier so that you can start pursuing someone else.

Although behaving well is a given when dating, you’d have to step it up when dating foreign women.

Dating Deal Breakers

Just because you are a foreign man doesn’t mean that she would automatically give you the time of day. Expect foreign women to have their own set of standards when it comes to men. If you want to date a foreign lady, it helps to know what her deal breakers are so you know whether you have a chance or not. Here are some of the more common deal breakers among foreign ladies:

  • Financial stability
  • This isn’t to imply that most foreign women are gold diggers. In fact, a lot of them hold steady jobs and are financially stable themselves. However, they don’t want to be saddled by partners that are in debt and struggling to make ends meet. This is also partially why they prefer older foreign men compared to the younger ones. Older men most likely have steady jobs and have even saved up some of their own money. They take comfort in knowing that their partner pulls their own weight financially.

  • Sexual advances
  • There are countries whose dating culture is still quite old school. This means they don’t tolerate sexual favors of any kind. That’s because they still adhere to traditional conservative values. This also means that you’d have to put in more effort to woo her. Some countries expect the men to court the women first before agreeing to enter in a relationship.

  • Not knowing what they want out of a relationship
  • When foreign women date foreign men, they take it seriously. They aren’t looking for flings or hookups. They entertain suitors that they could possibly be with in the long run—eventually even marry. Don’t expect them to dally around men that play games for the heck of it.

If you don’t live up to her expectations, don’t expect a free pass. You still have to prove your worth when dating a foreign woman.

Date Ideas with Foreign Women

You don’t have to go all out to impress your foreign date. While it wouldn’t hurt to get creative with your dates, you could also just stick to the basics. But because you have to be mindful of the cultural differences, there might be some other practices you should know beforehand.

  • Dine at a restaurant.
  • You can’t go wrong with a dinner date. A restaurant is one of the perfect places to get to know someone. But you can up the ante by taking her somewhere posh or with a nice ambience.

  • Meet the family.
  • Once you are ready to take the relationship to the next level, this is a crucial step you should not miss. After all, these are the people closest to her. They would naturally want to meet the man their daughter is going out with to make sure she is in good hands.

  • Communicate regularly
  • To really strengthen your bond, regularly keep in touch with her. Communication is more important when in a long-distance relationship. Our matchmakers are willing to help you correspond with your potential match so you can solidify your bond.

Long-distance relationships don’t have to be as challenging as long as you put in the effort. Don’t let distance keep you from finding your perfect match. With help from international matchmaking services like A Foreign Affair, you can find your ideal match sooner than you expected, so sign up now!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
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