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Benefits of Marrying a Foreign Woman

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You might be wondering why you have been so unlucky in love for so long. Or perhaps you feel there is something missing in your life and you can’t quite point it out. It could be that you can’t seem to connect with the ladies from town. It’s at this point that you should consider looking for a foreign woman to marry.

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same goes with preference. We all have our own preferences of who we want to be with. We have different beauty standards and our own little quirks. While we are all unique and individual in our romantic tastes, there are general patterns of need and attraction that men and women have abided by for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Life is about balance. In love, it is about finding someone who complements us, completes us. This is why we commonly say opposites attract. We need to find women who complete us, not compete against us. In this modern day and age, however, it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Dating Culture in the West

So why go for foreign women? If you are a man from a western country who is having difficulty with modern western dating culture, you might understand. The concept of the traditional family setup is no longer something to aspire for. A great emphasis is put on independence and individual strength. This fosters an atmosphere of “me” instead of “we” in the relationship.

Men who see themselves as “old school” find themselves with lesser options than before. Don’t be mistaken. This isn’t an issue of superiority. It’s a matter of values and compatibility. It’s about long term partnership and family, which is why many are turning to international dating.

In this context, the term “foreign women” refers to women from countries outside of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Scandinavia. Most serious dating sites for marriage feature women who typically come from countries from Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

A bit of dating advice: culture and upbringing matter a great deal. While not everybody fits a stereotype, there will always be behaviors consistent with the general population. As such, here are the benefits of marrying foreign women:

  1. They are committed lovers.
  2. It all boils down to how foreign women see marriage and family. They put great value and emphasis into getting married and having a family of their own. Western women are much more focused on their own personal goals and achievements. This is why they treat dating more casually, oftentimes like a game or form of recreation.

    Since foreign women date in search of long term partners, they view the activity with a bit more severity. When they develop feelings for a man, they begin to dream about finally having a family, children, and people to love and care for.

  3. They are very family-oriented.
  4. You’ve heard this over and over again because it’s true. Why does this matter? Because having a family is the prime focus, foreign women easily fit into whatever role is required in one. They want to have children to nurture and raise. They want to take care of you when you are old, never to abandon you no matter what.

    There is a dramatic gap between how cultures in the east and west view old people. People in traditional cultures refuse to leave their old parents or grandparents in a nursing home, and rather will personally take care of them till their passing.

  5. You get to explore a new culture.
  6. One of the finer pleasures in life is exploring different countries and cultures. There is so much beauty to be explored in the world. Finding a foreign girlfriend? Traveling the world is a better educational experience than many college courses. Marry a foreign woman? Adopt a new culture!

    There will no longer be a singularity of dishes to eat. You get to adopt a new, flavorful cuisine. You get to dance to a different tune. Life all of a sudden becomes more colorful.

  7. Children will have the best of both worlds.
  8. Aside from the fact that mixed-race children often turn out very good-looking, they get to acquire the best from your culture and that of your wife’s. They may end up speaking two or three different languages. They can apply best practices in the way they do things, from cleaning up their room to handling themselves in school.

  9. You have better compatibility.
  10. Foreign women are better compatible because they are more willing to undertake traditional roles in the relationship. They understand that it takes two to tango, and are willing to set aside their pride and ego for the sake of the better good.

    What makes foreign ladies more compatible for relationships is that they appreciate a man who works to have a woman. You can go on random dating advice websites and apply the corniest and cheesiest tips there, and these ladies will most likely find it heart-warmingly sweet.

    They like being given flowers and treated to dinner. They want you to be assertive and expect you to be the best you can be. They understand that being supportive can be very powerful. They are willing to be your partner through thick and thin.


Marrying a foreign woman isn’t all roses and daisies. There are cons to it, such as culture shock, distance from home countries, and so on, all on top of the never ending struggle that is real life. But that’s the point!

You don’t make eternal vows to a woman only to throw in the towel when life gets hard. Marriage is hard, probably harder than anything you will ever have to do in your life, which is why finding a person who is equally tough is necessary.

You need a person who will be committed to you and to your family. This is why when you are seriously considering marriage, go for a woman who will take it as seriously as you do, if not more. If you feel you have not found that woman in your life today, make the bold decision to meet and date a foreign woman.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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