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5 Topics to AVOID on First Dates with Foreign Women

A couple gazing longingly into each other’s eyes First dates don't have to be awkward. Know what NOT to say.

If there is anything about the first date that determines how well you and your lady will get along, it has to be the conversation. The perfect conversation can be about anything as long as it elicits interest and enjoyment for both parties. This case holds true when dating foreign women, albeit in a more nuanced way.

Many potentially good relationships have been cut short due to ill-spoken words. One of the key purposes of a first date is to break the ice. At that point, you and the woman you’re with are closer to being strangers than anything else. In order to form a personal connection, one must tread delicately. Finding a foreign girlfriend can be tricky because much of a foreign woman’s culture and sensitivities are unknown to you.

In the absence of trust and familiarity, a man must keep his less desirable thoughts and opinions to himself. You only have one chance to make a good impression, and the margin for error is slim. You and your date aren’t at personal levels yet, so don’t get too personal.

When dating foreign women, it is best to be safe. Never ask questions that will put your date on the defense. Ask her questions that can help you understand her and her culture a bit more. Most of all, be respectful.

Part of being safe is knowing which topics to avoid. So here are some you don’t need to talk about on the first date with a foreign lady:

  1. Politics and Religion
  2. You guessed it. This ranks as probably the most generally sensitive topic out there. Depending on where you come from, sensitivities might vary. It becomes particularly worse if you make it personal, i.e. “Who did you vote for?”

    Eventually, these topics will be hard to avoid discussing, but there is a time for everything. However, people with strong views on religion or politics often have preconceived opinions of people who think opposite to them. When you don’t know someone personally, their opinions can hinder them from seeing you for who you really are.

    In this case, it’s always best to leave topics about politics and religion off the table until you develop a level of trust and familiarity with the person you’re with. There are so many cases where people outright refuse to date those with opposing religious and political viewpoints. It would be a shame if two otherwise compatible people were to let this get in the way.

    For foreign women from countries with totally different cultural, religious, and political orientations, such as China, Ukraine, or Thailand, these are controversial topics to avoid.

    The most important thing you and your date can practice is to be respectful of each other's views and opinions, especially if you’re both interested in developing your acquaintance or friendship into something more. You will eventually see that you have more in common than not, and that’s something you cannot ignore.

  3. Sex Talk
  4. While the topic of sex is often unavoidable, it’s not one of the first things you need to be talking about. Sex can be quite the personal topic, especially if the woman is conservative. Being too forward with sex talk can give the woman the impression that it’s all you want from her.

    A huge turn-off is bragging about your sexual exploits. It makes you come off as shallow and immature. It also gives your date the impression that she is the latest on a long list of your sexual goals.

    Just like actual sex, talking about it is something you earn. There has to be a certain level of trust between both people to even get to that point. The topic is as personal as any, and being too quick about it is begging for your date to walk out on you. In certain cultures, sex is one of those uncomfortable topics to discuss on the first date.

    a couple having a meal together Even the finest meal can be easy to ruin if you don’t know what topics to avoid.
  5. Bad Mouthing Your Ex
  6. First dates are all about getting to know the person you’re with, not who they were previously dating. Your past relationships may have been a nightmare, but a first date isn’t your own personal therapy session. It’s your chance to start anew, so leave the past behind.

    As you and your date become closer, you can slowly talk about your past relationships. On the first date, however, leave it off the menu.

    Bad mouthing an ex on your first date comes off as rude. It also makes your date think that you aren’t over your ex, so the whole thing would be a waste of time.

    It’s enough reason to give her pause: if you can talk like this about an ex, you can talk about her the same way on your next date.

    Be classy. Don’t talk about your ex.

  7. Personal and Financial Questions
  8. How much do you weigh? Have you ever been fired from your job? Are you living with your mother?

    Getting overly personal with your questions on a first date is a major turn-off. If you’re not getting the response you want from your date, you may just want to consider your line of questioning.

    The first date is all about developing a certain level of trust. People just aren’t going to volunteer information for you, especially if it’s too personal.

    There is a lot of screening and discerning to make on a first date, from both sides. The trick is to be subtle about it. The conversation has to be fun and dynamic, not a one-sided interrogation.

    If there are questions you feel you need to ask, be respectful of it and make sure your date is comfortable enough to answer. If not, be a gentleman and withdraw.

  9. Green Jokes / Making Fun of People
  10. Simply avoid coming off as disrespectful. There’s always a place for a well-timed and well-meaning joke, but if the overarching theme of your humor is rudeness, don’t expect the date to go anywhere. The worst thing you can do when dating foreign women is to insult their culture or country. Do that and you will find yourself booking the first flight back home.

    As previously stated, be classy - in and outside of your dating life.

Remember, the first date is all about building the first layer of trust and chemistry. With foreign ladies, the name of the game is respect. Even if you plan to enter a short term long distance relationship, you always act for the long term. Build your relationship the right way -- with trust, love, and respect.

You might not be particularly witty, smooth, or funny, but if you can be the perfect gentleman, foreign women will be all over you.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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