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How Prepared Are You for Dating Foreign Women?

A man and a woman on a dinner date Always bring your A game when dating foreign women

Everything has been set. Not less than 4 hours earlier, you arrived at the hotel, a well-deserved relief from a 17 hour flight so turbulent it made riding on a mechanical bull seem relaxing. Taking off your aviators, you exhale in quiet affirmation, “Ah, Eastern Europe. The land of foreign women and nuclear disasters!”

Ten minutes into your date at a fusion restaurant so classy the valet wore a monocle, and you barely coughed up five words. This is mostly your fault because for some reason, you decided two months of German language lessons was the way to go.

In an attempt to communicate, the lovely lady politely asks, “What should we order from the menu?”

Momentarily stunned yet pleasantly surprised, you grin sheepishly. “Why didn’t my cousin Vlad tell me anything before setting me up on this blind date?”

As the evening progresses, a half-way decent conversation ensues, going beyond anything you expected. “Who knew they watched Russian-dubbed episodes of Southpark here? This is great!“ you think to yourself as you take in another bite of that Chicken Kyiv. As you discover so many interesting things you have in common, you can’t help but notice how beautiful her smile is. The rest of the evening proceeds as though taken from a romance novel with Fabio on the cover.

Fast forward two weeks. The airplane ride is as smooth as soft-serve ice cream from Wendy’s. You recall every heartfelt moment of your time together with that foreign girl. The fun times, the laughter. The midnight kiss at the plaza. The tears in her eyes as you said your goodbyes, uncertain of when you will meet again.

Dating a foreign woman can be the experience of a lifetime. It may be the single moment where two kindred spirits separated by oceans come together, sparking a nova-like blast of emotions.

It can also be a disaster, something so discouraging the first time is one time too many. Dating a beautiful foreign lady isn’t just a regular night out, considering you’re not in your own home country to do so. It needs a certain level of preparedness, not just to have a good time, but also to make something meaningful out of it.

If you are dating with marriage in mind, don’t just come as you are. Here are a few things you need to consider to see if you are prepared to date a foreign woman.

Meet the Lady Before Traveling

While spontaneous interactions might be exciting, getting acquainted with potential partners online can help ensure an easier transition going to the actual meetup.

Many couples who meet through online dating or matchmaking sites develop a virtual connection long before they meet in person. When you do that, you get a lot of trivial things out of the way and are able to delve into deeper levels of conversation.

It also helps that you get to have a sense of compatibility with her. If there are deal breakers, it’s best to get them out of the way before anything starts. While it’s not out of the realm of possibility, it’s difficult to imagine pushing through with a date after finding out the lady works for ISIS. Best to get those important details out of the way.

Two hands holding each other Be prepared to make the best impression when meeting potential partners

Do Your Research

Before embarking on an international journey, you need to know as much as you can about the place you will be traveling to, not just the woman you are about to meet. You should know everything about how to date a foreign girl if you want to royally impress.

Of all the challenges of dating a foreigner, language and customs are at the very top. Thankfully, most foreign ladies can speak a bit of English. Learning their language, however, will not just prove practical, but will also leave them highly impressed.

Try to get a grasp of the culture as well. As a visitor, it’s rewarding to be mindful of the country’s rules and practices as well as how people of that country generally do things. For example, in Russia, it’s common practice to put empty bottles on the floor. So after downing that vodka, make sure it remains off the tabletop. Being tossed head first out of a club is hardly a way to be remembered by.

Be Financially Prepared

There are two ways to view this. The first is financial preparation for the actual travel. Many unprepared tourists have run out of spending money halfway through a four-month vacation. While your almighty dollar might have extraordinary worth in a foreign country, a lack of it will make your foreign existence a nightmare.

Many backpackers have had to do undignified things to get through their foreign itinerary, begging on the street, being one of the more respectful ones. If you run out of money DURING your date, there is no coming back from that -- unless you have Hollywood actor looks and charm. Otherwise, just wait out the days until your flight back home.

Second is being financially prepared for a long term relationship. If you are traveling to find love, then you need to make sure you are all set as a provider. If your dream comes true and you do bring home a beautiful foreign girl, an empty bank account and no cash flow is going to send her right back faster than she can set foot out of an airplane.

Readiness to Commit

Dating foreign women is not like shopping on Amazon. There is no 30-day return policy, so make sure your terms are clearly set at the onset of your international dating experience.

The likely outcome is that you will fall in love with each other. Many foreign women, be it because of culture or upbringing, fall in love hard. When they like you, they REALLY like you, and will make sacrifices to be with you.

If you are there to find a soulmate, then congratulations, you have won at life! If you are a casual thrill-finder and nothing more, make sure the girl knows this to manage expectations.

Being prepared is all about managing expectations. Ask yourself - what do you personally want out of the experience? If you have high expectations, come more than prepared. If you just want to live in the moment, you can. You just need to deal with the consequences.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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