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Picking the Right Cologne for Dating Foreign Women

Someone pouring a small fragrance bottle A trip to the department store for the right cologne can help you impress foreign women

There are a lot of things that guys do when they are courting foreign women that they’ve met on free dating sites. They book plane tickets, they message their potential partner, they may even imagine living a whole life together.

Another thing that many men who find some degree of success with internet dating do is they begin making plans to see these women, plans to start actually courting these women in the real world.

Many guys go into their closets to find the best clothes that they want to wear. Some of them may even find themselves heading to a mall or a department store so that they can buy a whole new outfit or two to look their best when the opportunity to meet the woman that they’ve been connecting with on one of those dating sites for singles comes up.

Some guys will look at the luggage they have on hand and try to find the best suitcase, the one in which they can pack the things that they need to bring in and keep them safe and secure. Some guys will even buy a whole new suitcase.

The preparations to meet their potential dream girl can be pretty extensive. Some guys will do a lot of research on the area; the dating sites that they’ve used may have resources or they may find their own resources. Some guys will watch some media that is local to the area that they are heading to.

But something can be neglected is cologne and cologne can be pretty important, not because cologne itself is all that important, but mostly because smell is the sense that is most closely linked to memory, so smelling good can help a man make a retroactive good first impression. Dating apps can be great for a lot of things, but they don’t help a person get a sense of what a person smells like.

Which makes smelling good pretty important for dating and cologne can be pretty great for helping a guy smell good. So cologne may not be a necessity, but it can be pretty helpful.

Of course, one thing that a guy needs to know before spritzing on some cologne is to not clash. Wearing too many scents from soap or body wash and deodorant can create an unwanted clash of different scents that can be undesirable.

When it comes to picking cologne, there are a few things that a guy should know when they are picking their scent of choice to meet foreign women, a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.

A woman kissing the cheek of a man embracing her There is a secret to picking cologne that can help you in dating foreign women
  1. The Available Selection
  2. Cologne is pretty much available pretty much everywhere. There are stores and shops and online retailers. Even if a guy who forgets to pack a bottle of cologne in his check in does not have to worry too much.

    Airports generally have a duty free shop where a wide selection of colognes from high-end fashion houses is available for sale. But the choices may not be as varied as some guys would prefer.

    Still, the choices will be pretty varied and will have a lot of choices in terms of base notes and all that other important stuff.

  3. The Top Notes
  4. Some perfumers compare what they do to music, creating a symphony of different flavors that come together in something artistic and much like music, the scents are divided by notes. The top notes are like the first verse, the opening line that hooks a smeller in that makes them curious as to the rest of the scent.

    Top notes are generally something fruit, like grape, berries, or orange. These scents are likely the first to fade when wearing a scent for an extended period of time, like all day. But that is kind of the point of their existence; they bring someone in but they don’t always make them stay.

  5. The Middle Or Heart Notes
  6. If the top notes are the opening lines and the first verse, the middle, or the heart notes, are the chorus, the part of the song that many people are often going to find themselves singing along to, the bit of the song that gets stuck in the head.

    The heart notes are the real meat of a scent, the main course. They last longer than the top notes and they exert quite a bit of influence on the upcoming base notes.

    Now, the base notes can be something floral or fruit or even spicy; cinnamon, nutmeg, rose, lemongrass, and lavender are pretty common for heart notes.

  7. The Base Notes
  8. The last part of the scent are the base notes. These are the last notes of the scent, the notes that fade last because they are the last notes, the final part of a scent. They last the longest, lingering long after that rest of the notes have faded.

    Base notes can be pretty varied; vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, and musk are pretty common flavors for base notes.

    The fact that base notes tend to linger makes them very important; they’ll be what a person smells long after the rest of the notes have faded, which can be at the end of the date.

  9. Your Natural Scent
  10. Colognes cover a person’s natural scent, but that does not mean that they can hide them forever. What is natural will eventually come out, especially on an active date with a lot of physical exercise. Sweat can make cologne smell stale and somewhat unappealing.

    So it’s not just the notes of the scent that need to be taken into consideration when picking cologne. The natural scent of a person should also be considered so as not to create a clash of notes because that can be a bit like a car crash, except for the olfactory system instead of the whole body.

The best dating sites can help a guy get a date. But they may not always help a guy get ready for that date. Getting ready to date foreign women can include smelling good.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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