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Valuable Lessons from Spending Christmas with a Foreign Woman

couple at christmas Christmas is uniquely celebrated when you’re with a foreign woman.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that the Christmas season has become such a drag the past few years, and it isn’t getting better? Or perhaps there’s just too much holiday ruckus going on, and that only means you’re going to be overworked and overwhelmed once again this year’s end? We haven’t even gotten to the whole soliloquy about how Christmas is but a hollow shell of what it once was?

Regardless of one’s bleak perspective of the 25th of December, one thing is for certain: if you are spending Christmas with the love of your life, it can’t be quite that bad at all.

If this is your first time spending Christmas with a woman who is from another country, or if this set-up interests you, then it certainly makes for an interesting Christmas proposition. So what is so great about dating foreign women this time of year, especially if it will be your first winter holiday together?

When you date a foreign woman, you gain entry into a new world of thinking. You begin to see things from a perspective that was never made available to you by your upbringing. Therefore there is always so much to learn. Christmas, on the other hand, brings about a behavior in people that is not so evident the rest of the year.

The encroaching jollities make people optimistic. It makes them a bit more forgiving. They lighten the mood and widen the eyes to love, faith, generosity, and the many good attributes of man. This unique attitude towards the season becomes even more interesting when juxtaposed with your situation of dating a woman from a foreign country. So here are some things that you may be very open to learning from your foreign girlfriend this Christmas season:

Seeing Christmas in a Better, More Authentic Light

girl in front of church There are amazing ways to celebrate the holidays all around the world.

Your enthusiasm towards the holidays may have been numbed down by the sheer onslaught of marketing campaigns and endless advertisements designed to squeeze every last cent from a consumerist society. To be fair, the commercialization of Christmas exists and continues to grow worldwide.

However, depending on where you decide to celebrate, you may regain that enthusiasm and fervor by the way they celebrate in that country. If your girlfriend hails from a society that celebrates Christmas primarily as a religious holiday, she may want you to join in the several religious traditions of her country.

In predominantly-Catholic countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, or the Philippines, it is customary to attend church masses leading up to and during Christmas Eve. In countries like Ukraine or Russia, where a great number of the population are Orthodox Christians, they have deep adherence to religious traditions as well. For them, it isn’t just the holidays - it is the celebration of the birth of Christ.

So whether or not you are a religious man, it remains a good experience to observe how other societies adhere to the spiritual aspect of Christmas more than its commercial aspect. It’s countries like these that are the best places to celebrate Christmas. But there is something particularly beautiful about seeing your woman give reverence to her faith. It reveals to you a side of her that is pure, feminine, and angelic. It’s a sight to behold and makes you want to love her even more.

Learn Customs That Come Out Only Once a Year

christmas pastries and desserts Each country has special dishes you can try only during the holidays.

Why do we go to Japan for the cherry blossom festival? Or to Carnival in Brazil? It’s because to most tourists, these are events they may only get to experience once in their lifetime.

The same holds true when you spend Christmas in another country. Because each country celebrates differently, the experience becomes truly unique. Where else, but in the Philippines, can you see the Giant Lantern Festival? Where else, but in Latin America, can you eat authentic tamales on Christmas Eve? It is only in Ukraine where you can see the uniquely and colorfully designed costumes. It is only in Costa Rica where you experience a horse parade on the 26th, so on and so forth.

The thrill of the experience is further compounded by your lovely date, who serves not just as your partner, but as your teacher and tour guide. You’re getting much more than you bargained for, for sure.

The True Gift of Family

a family dinner selfie Christmas is a time to renew and strengthen family ties.

Christmas is known as a time for family. It may be the only time your family sets aside to be with each other. But when it’s Christmas in a country that is known to have strong family values, this lesson in family is taken to a different level. In fact, some of the best Christmas vacations for families can be had in places where a great emphasis is placed on respect and tradition.

If your foreign girlfriend comes from, say, Latin America or Asia, you may find yourself spending a lot of time with her family on both her mother’s and father’s side. You will meet relatives from the 2nd to 3rd degrees and even more if that is even possible. You may join parties that are practically clan reunions. You will see extraordinary respect paid to the elderly, and you will be given the opportunity to delve into their heritage. So while the lights may be shining bright outside, the true lights shine inside the home.

Unique Christmas Atmosphere - Literally

At the very least, it pays dividends to get outside of the country to spend Christmas with your significant other. If the winter cold is something you want to avoid and you’re dating someone from a tropical country, then put two and two together, book a ticket, and enjoy the vacation.

While you may not have a picturesque white Christmas in a place like Costa Rica, a day at the beach is enough to make your freezing colleagues back home envious. And if you find Christmas turkey a little too bland for your taste, Thai food is a welcome alternative all day, any day.

And let’s be honest, you would much rather have your beautiful girl strut around in a tank top or bikini rather than be clad in 10 layers of thermal wear.

Choose to have THAT Christmas experience.

mixed couple during christmas Choose to celebrate your next Christmas with an amazing foreign lady.

If you aren’t living the life and dating a foreign woman right now, then you should seriously consider how much of a positive impact dating one can have on your life. So if this Christmas passes and it turns out to be the same drag that we somehow expect it to be, then make sure that by next Christmas, it turns out to be the exact magical time of the year we know it should be.

If there is any gift you should give yourself this year, it’s giving yourself the opportunity to date a beautiful foreign lady. Begin your international dating journey now.

Choose joy. Choose love.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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