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What to Give to Your Girlfriend for National Lovers Day

a wrapped gift You can’t celebrate National Lovers Day without gifts!

Mark your calendars! April 23rd is coming soon. Do you know what that means?

The pseudo-holiday is called National Lover’s Day. It’s a day for couples to celebrate their love. It comes in 3rd right after International Couples Month, which starts on April 1st, and after February 14th, which is Valentine’s Day. These celebrations are for the couples who didn’t get to enjoy February 14th due to circumstances. So if you want to catch up, April is your month!

This means romantic dates, vacations, and most of all, gifts.

Romantic gifts, to be exact.

For some couples, gift-giving is how they show their love and affection towards one another. It’s an action that shows this person is thinking about you while you are away and wants to give you something that will make you smile.

Because of that, practically anything can be classified as a romantic gift, especially on Lovers Day. All the gifts below also classify as possible Valentine’s Day gifts, so choose one that you think can make your girlfriend smile the brightest.

Valentines Chocolates

A lot of women expect chocolates on days that celebrate love. Whether that’s Valentine’s day or National Lovers day, they will expect you to hand them a box of chocolates or an entire basket of them.

Take that as your cue to buy her some.

Unless she specifically tells you she doesn’t like chocolates – or, heaven forbid, she’s allergic – then make an effort to get her a custom-made box for Lovers Day. It will guarantee a huge smile from her, that’s for sure.

To make it interesting, you could also buy her chocolates that have alcohol inside them. It will certainly make for a fun night after your date, provided she doesn’t mind alcohol.


a bouquet of flowers Giving flowers is the staple for any gift-giving gesture, especially the romantic kind.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated? Is it really just a holiday where men buy expensive flowers to woo women they like?

Obviously, no. While the day of love is heavily commercialized, Valentine’s Day is for friendship and love. It’s not limited to romantic couples, and it’s not limited to flower-giving. You can buy flowers and chocolates or you can forgo both, it’s up to you. Giving flowers is a nice gesture, but you don’t need to buy the costly ones you see in flower shops for it.

For National Lovers Day, since it’s a day typically for couples, buying flowers is almost a must. Assuming your girlfriend likes flowers and isn’t allergic, you can choose to buy her a single flower as a gesture of love, or you can buy her a bouquet. She will love the romantic gesture, but it’s also optional.

If you want to go through with the flowers, here are suggestions:

  1. Roses – All roses – except the black ones – are acceptable. While it’s common for people to go for red roses (since it means romantic love and passion), the pink ones are less expensive and are great substitutes. Pink roses mean femininity, refinement, sweetness, and elegance. If you want to convey more than just love, the deeper pink ones are perfect since they signify gratitude and appreciation.

  2. Camellias – Camellias come in white, pink, and red, and all 3 colors have different meanings as well. Honestly, though, you don’t need to pick carefully. Just focus on what makes your gift look prettier because they all mean generally the same thing in terms of love.

For context, the pink ones mean longing, the red ones mean desire and passion, while the white ones are adoration and affection. Choose whichever you like. They will make a great substitute for red roses if you don’t want to buy those.

  1. Carnations – These ones are for fascination and distinction. The red ones signify the same meaning as the red rose and the red camellias. They can make for a great substitute for roses too. You can even add white ones to mix it up since white carnations mean purity.

  2. Tulips – They represent perfect love. You can easily buy tulips instead of the costly roses. Tulips stand for true love and will complement the carnations and camellias in your bouquet really well. They will make a great contrast to the others since they’re smaller.

  3. Baby’s Breath – These white, tiny buds complete the entire bouquet. They might not be ideal if you prefer to give her a single flower though. Baby’s Breath is for bouquets, where it can sit nicely around and in-between all the bigger ones. They also mean everlasting love, adding more to how special the bouquet is.

Something She Wants

It doesn’t have to be a surprise all the time. Not everyone likes those. Besides, knowing what to give makes this gift-giving gesture a lot easier, especially for those who have trouble buying presents.

It’s better to give her something practical than something that many men have already given their partners. If she’s the practical type and prefers materials that have great use to her, buy her an air-fryer, a new bag, a self-heating blanket, a bath set, or even a new gadget.

Ask her what she wants for Lovers Day. This will save you the trouble of brainstorming for a gift.

A Vacation

Gifts don’t have to be objects.

Consider taking her on a special vacation instead of giving her a gift. Plan a trip together. Celebrate National Lovers Day together by checking off a country from your bucket list. Take this vacation as your second chance from missing out on Valentine’s Day.

Traveling with your girlfriend makes the relationship better. It is said that couples who travel together come back better because they had a chance to reconnect while away from home. Take that as your cue to travel the world yourself.

Appreciate her on National Lovers Day.

The whole point of National Lovers Day is appreciating lovers and celebrating the fact that they have someone they can love. Not everyone is that lucky. Take this chance to appreciate her for coming into your life because you’re one of the few lucky ones that have someone to love.

Catch up on what you missed on February 14th. This “holiday” is to remind you never to take your partners for granted.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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