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The Appeal of a Foreign Partner: Why Men Marry Foreign Women

an interracial couple Interracial dating is proof that happiness and love knows no borders.

Pretty much anyone and everyone who has been (or was born in) an Asian culture has seen this cultural dynamic: a foreigner (typically a white male) walking around with his Asian girlfriend or wife. Conversely, anyone who has spent time in a western society has probably noticed the recurring pattern of white men having an innate desire for Asian women.

It’s safe to assume that, by now, most of us have witnessed this social phenomenon at play.

It is no mystery for a great many individuals to want an intercultural relationship with a foreigner, and furthermore, there is a growing number of men who pursue this special kind of relationship frequently and exclusively.

It is probably best to define some of the details before we dive further into this matter.

With regard to the issue of men finding foreign spouses (and, in general, this the context of this article), the demographics to which we refer constitutes the majority of men, mainly Caucasians, who operate on a dating app or on mainstream matchmaking services (mostly in Western societies like the United States or Europe).

When we refer to “foreign” women, this applies to the population of women from diverse races and backgrounds who are seeking (or are currently dating) white men.

Now, when we mention “men who would like to date foreign women”, it can be a very complex and uncertain term, because any man of any culture might consider a woman of a different culture "foreign". Rationally, any female who isn’t from the country of that man, might be perceived as a foreign.

However, let us concentrate on the Western men’s perspective and their obsession with foreign women, their attitude about this attraction, the phenomena that are apparent in this dating world, and the social factors that have given rise to the phenomenon and current cultural expectations regarding it.

To fully assess this cultural phenomenon, let’s take a look at the dynamic of interracial dating from the perspective of the female.

“Foreign” women's thoughts on their appeal to Western men

Women who originate from non-Western cultures know well how many western people are attracted to them - and this pervasive infatuation goes far further than the color of a person’s skin.

This dynamic also functions vice versa in the context that not every Asian woman is drawn to the western idea of beauty (fair skin), thus we cannot argue that such societies’ tastes are based on their preferences. Some cultures like the skin color more than others; others may care less about this in a relationship based on their personal preferences. It’s a matter of varying cultural backgrounds.

European and American women definitely have regional preferences in their perceptions of men (and the cultural impact of the regions from which these women originate from is also a defining factor), but their most common objective is to develop emotional and sexual intimacy in the more a profound stage, which means that it is a function of compatibility.

a couple of differing cultural backgrounds If your one true love is leagues across the sea, would you dare to reach her?

That is why a certain number of these people are inherently drawn to the Westerners – because their men in the region simply don’t have characteristics that they desire, and there’s an inherent desirability for new experiences that we all share as humans. Their social conduct and behavior may very well complement those of other women from other regions.

Sometimes, the pure triviality of the cultural barrier is enough to ignite the attraction between interracial couples (online and otherwise).

Conversely, certain migrant women are able to look for Western men because they are financially secure, but not all of them are gold diggers. Several of them desperately need to flee the nightmarish circumstances of life offered in third world nations, and decades of living in a less fortunate country have firmly ingrained foreign men’s inherent desirability in their collective minds.

Regional women of other cultures can make different impressions of western men in a romantic environment, since desire is essentially a subjective matter, but these perceptions in particular are noteworthy in their complexity.

Ultimately, this various differences between the two races in an intercultural affair is what makes western men desirable in the eyes of foreign ladies, and vice versa. A common facet of human reality is that we often desire things that we don’t have - however, we can’t always achieve what we desire. Men and women around the world are drawn to each other on the basis of this dynamic.

Conversely, this is how men perceive the phenomenon:

In the view of Westerners, just a touch of exoticism is highly indicative in what they see as appealing. It’s actually quite understandable. This feeling of appeal could be developed by men of any significant community with a large population of a single ethnic group, and it truly all depends on the essence of human behavior.

From a psychological point of view, it makes only sense for human beings to crave for what they don’t have, as we mentioned earlier. It is an inherent characteristic of the human race to crave something that is not naturally found in their immediate realities or environments. This attitude is also applicable across a broad range of human attributes, and not just in a dating context.

On a profound level, though, many international women actually have attractive characteristics far beyond their physical attributes. Some westerners believe that women in Asia or Europe possess certain desirable traits, which is why so many guys marry foreign women (or move to other nations to achieve this).

This is a dynamic which strengthens the appeal of American men to a foreign partner. Some men can genuinely have difficulty in finding a decent wife in their native countries, and widespread internet connectivity and online flight-booking facilitates their efforts even further.

Ultimately, in search of individual happiness, people do what is needed - whether it be through mobile dating apps, or migration to a foreign nation. This article on women’s views of western males (and vice versa) is only a small part of the overview. This social dynamic has many factors, and this blog just manages to scratch the surface of this complex social dynamic at play in modern society.

There are some things that only interracial couples understand.

To the men and women of the world who are reading this, and to the individuals seeking this advice in order to successfully go about their own dating endeavors in this topic, we wish you a fruitful and pleasurable dating experience to come.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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