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Dispelling the Fear of Dating Foreign Women

Two happy Asian women Be open to foreign culture. What’s there to be afraid of?

You’re interested in dating a woman from another country. You probably know of a friend or two who is married to one. You’ve likely traveled abroad and found the women there to be both interesting and attractive. The idea of “what if?” has been firmly planted in your mind for some time now, and all you’re looking for is affirmation.

Have you ever been to a multicultural or multinational event, even as a child, and wondered if dating foreign women was ever a possibility? You have always been curious about it. Today, however, because of the internet and globalization, the answer is a definitive “yes.”

If you grew up anytime before the internet revolution, you would agree that communicating with any girl, let alone someone from abroad, had its challenges. You either had to hope she was at home when you called her family phone, or even worse, write letters, which who knows when you could ever expect a response.

Today, there is literally no excuse. If you want to strike up a conversation with anyone, all you need to do is send them a direct message on their social media profile or their email. Therefore the only question that remains is this: if this is what you want, what is stopping you?

Experience Trumps Stereotypes

No matter what we read about foreign women, whether it is negative or positive, the only true way to tell right from wrong is to go and meet one for yourself. You can read a bunch of articles claiming that women from Thailand make 10 times better wives than American women, or that women from Ukraine are nothing more than beautiful gold diggers.

Because it is now so easy to get online, log in to an international dating site and message a foreign lady, or even book a ticket to meet one in person, most of what we hear is just noise on the internet. And while stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, they are only the tip of the iceberg.

So don’t just rely on what you read, hear, or watch. The only way to see if dating foreign women is a game changer for you is to try it out yourself.

A Friend Said…

We normally take the word of a friend more seriously than by what we read or see on the internet. Sometimes, your friend can sing praises, and other times, send warnings.

For example, you may have a friend who has changed his life for the better by moving to the Philippines and marrying a Filipino woman. He tells you that that is exactly what you need to do if you want to get the most out of life.

But you also know a friend who relocated to Russia and got scammed out of his life’s savings. So who do you listen to?

Listen to both and learn from their triumphs and mistakes. When you know what to expect and are prepared for any situation, you gain confidence.

Two Asian women hard at work Online dating allows you to explore cultures. What’s not to like?

Dealing with Cultural Barriers

An obvious con to dating foreign women is simply that they are different from what you are used to. Language could be an issue, assuming you both don’t speak a common language well.

Foreign culture is a whole new thing entirely, since you have to adapt to her foreign set of beliefs, traditions, habits, and behavior. And if you don’t know how to adapt to a foreign culture, nor have the right mindset, you could end up with a serious case of culture shock.

This all depends of course on your perspective. Look at it glass half full, and this could be the exact reason you’re looking to date her in the first place.

You could be dating her because of her beauty, a sight for sore eyes where you come from. You could be dating her exactly because she possesses a classic, old school world-view, particularly when it comes to family and relationships. It could be that you’re in love with her country’s culture, the food, the customs, the weather - everything.

Look at things from a positive perspective. This very mindset is why so many men are thrilled to travel abroad and meet new people - even their future wives.

You Have So Much to Choose From

If you went to an all-boys school when you were younger, nothing made you and your classmates giddier than prom or an inter-school meet. If the only people around you were boys, then any girl looked like an angel.

The same holds true today. You’re not really interested in dating any girl from town because they just aren’t your type. So you go online and you’ll notice that your options aren’t just from downtown, but from all over the world. You get to choose who to send that first message to.

So you may not be into the Latina type. How about Asians? How about Europeans? If one doesn’t work out, then you can always try your luck with someone else. That’s the beauty of online dating and the internet. You’re never out of options.

You’re Always a New Man

What is the best part about dating foreign women? It’s that you’re always someone new to them. You could be known as the guy who ate too many hotdogs at the high school fair, or the guy who spilled his coffee all over his boss’ shirt. But when you go outside of your area, you have the chance to be who you really are deep within - a great guy who’s in charge of his life.

Sometimes, being a great guy is all a lady wants. Sometimes, it’s all she needs in a husband. Perhaps on your side of the pond, you need to be somebody to have someone. But on her side, all you need to be is yourself.

Trade in Your Fears for a Lifetime of Happiness

You’ve always known deep in your heart that you were meant to sail out to find the woman of your dreams. You know she is out there, and all you need to do is go to her, whether that be in Colombia, Ukraine, or the Philippines.

All you need is that bit of affirmation. So here it is. You can do it and you should do it. Choose your vehicle. Choose your country. But never choose to do nothing. So choose love.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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