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How Does the World Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Roses, Rose petals, and gifts What’s more iconic than a red rose or as exciting as an unopened gift after a Valentine’s date?

Another year went by again. And now, February 14 is upon us once more.

A lot of people get excited about this day. And who are we to blame them? Those who are in love look forward to Valentine’s Day because they know they have someone to spend it with. During this time, love can be felt in the air and couples will be out and about celebrating the romantic occasion.

And if you’re wondering, yes, the majority of countries around the world celebrate what is known as the All Hearts’ Day. Love isn’t just for one nation, after all. It’s for everyone. And while some will look at it a bit differently than others, the fact of the matter remains - it’s about love.

So how does everyone else celebrate love?

The Philippines

It’s common in the Philippines for young couples to get married during Valentine’s Day. Some of these weddings are events sponsored by the government as a form of public service. So if you find yourself going to the Philippines in February, not only will you see so many red decorations, but also many couples getting married.

Filipinas are romantics at heart, like most foreign women. They will see this holiday either as a day they can enjoy or a day they can just dismiss. They might be invited to some of the weddings taking place throughout the month as well, and if you’re lucky enough to get invited, use this as an opportunity to get yourself a date.

Some people use weddings as a chance to scout and find a date or relationship partner, so maybe you could do the same too.


As of 2021, Denmark is known as the second happiest country in the world, and as such, one can expect that the way they celebrate Valentine’s Day is just as joyful.

Flowers are always present during this holiday. Everyone gives flowers during February 14th, and most of the givers are those who wish to convey their romantic feelings.

But in Denmark, it’s a little different.

Even though Valentine’s Day is a bit new to the country, the people celebrate it with flowers just like the rest of the world. But in Denmark, it is not limited to roses and chocolates. They don’t just give flowers to lovers, they also give these to family and friends.

They also give each other some handmade cards that have white flowers adorned on them. These are called snowdrops.


In Romania, Valentine’s Day is on February 24th. This is the season where young couples get engaged. A lot of young couples go into forests to pick colorful flowers while other couples do something else.

In Romania, it’s a sign of good luck to wash your face in the snow, so they do just that.

If you want to try your hand at Lady Luck, give it a go with someone. It might be a little uncomfortable since snow is, well, cold. But tradition is tradition. Plus, it’s fun. Some of the locals even equate it as one of their out of the box date ideas.

A red heart by itself A glimpse worth a thousand words–all about love


Japan is a little different from the rest of the world. If you’re used to giving chocolates to girls, in Japan you’re going to have to wait until March 14 to do it.

In Japan, it’s the women that give the chocolates. And depending on their level of affection, you either get personally-made chocolates or store-bought ones.

During February 14th, you either get the Giri-choco or the Honmei-choco. The former is ready-made or store-bought chocolate the girls give to friends, co-workers, and family, generally anyone they deem close enough but have no romantic notion of.

The latter, of course, is the kind that they give to boys they like.

After the whole chocolate fiasco, the men are required to triple the amount and give them to the girls that have given them the chocolates. This is on March 14th, called White Day. During this day, it’s the men’s turn to give back, as is one of their Valentine’s Day traditions.

So if you find yourself in Japan from February to March, you’ll be just in time for the hoard of chocolates that the stores will be selling. Japan is known for one thing, and that is to go above and beyond with whatever it is they want to achieve.


Russia is the same as America. They give cards, flowers, and chocolates. Except in this country, it’s the women that greet first and they do it with a delicious meal. In Russia, an ideal Valentine’s date is having the standard candlelit dinner, which is known to be a true classic when it comes to dates.

There are also standard personalized gifts that one presents to the person they harbor feelings for. Couples go for a romantic walk, watch movies together, share each other’s thoughts, and engage in several other activities.

Going to Russia during Valentine’s will mean romance, as one might expect.


In Colombia, Valentine’s Day is called Día de Amor y Amistad, which translates to Day of Love and Friendship. The thing is, it’s not on February 14th. The Day of Love and Friendship is typically on the third Saturday of September, and for the year 2022, it’s going to be on September 17th.

Similar traditions are practiced in Colombia. The gifts could range from flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and cards. Candlelit dinners are staples, of course, and don’t forget dancing. If you want to take a pretty Colombian girl out on a date, invite her to go watch a movie or go dancing with her.

The Day of Love

What happens on the day of love is all up to you. Since it’s mostly men that make plans for Valentine’s Day (and sometimes, both parties), you need to make it worthwhile for you and your date. Don’t just do something half-heartedly.

Valentine’s only happens once a year. You have the opportunity to sweep a girl off her feet by showing her just how romantic you can be. Remember that ladies admire a romantic man, especially if he’s a gentleman. Being a gentleman is a MUST, especially on a day like Valentine’s.

So don’t hold back. Enjoy the occasion and make the most of it. You never know, you might just meet your future life partner somewhere you least expect it. Why not grab the opportunity to go on a date?

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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